Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy presented in these records reveals how many things: how Online Casino works with information. How it is processed, stored and disclosed.

Information is a powerful weapon; everyone should know how to use it to benefit, not harm.

Personal data

Online Casino often collects personal information through several channels: users come to a web resource and fill out an application to open an account.

The information requested is very different:

1. Mail.

2. Phone number.

3. First and last name.

You can review the site and not leave any personal data. Confidential information is written if you need to open an account. At the same time, all subscribers leave their data at their own request. If they fill out the template, it means they agree to the existing conditions.

Non-personal data

The Administration has the right to collect non-personal data. Are meant first of all:

1. Working browser.

2. From which computer is the work going on.

3. IP address.

4. Operating system.

Non-personal data is confidential and also subject to protection.


Cookies are quite informative blocks. They are placed on the hard disk and allow you to get valuable information about the user. Many make a ban on the disclosure of such data. Some site blocks may not work correctly when sending cookies, this fact should be taken into account.


The use of information can be diverse, first of all, the goals are pursued:

1. Launch and management of the Site.

2. It is necessary that the information is reflected correctly.

3. The quality of service should be improved.

The received blocks of information make it possible to respond more rationally to all requests. Provide full service and support.

To improve our Website

To improve the quality of the portal, users leave reviews in which they comment on all important components. E-mail is actively used, answers to questions are given through this channel, recommendations and instructions are transmitted. It is important to periodically review mail messages (including the Spam folder) so as not to miss important messages.

Data protection

Reliable technologies will be used to store and process blocks of information. Secure channels cannot be hacked from the outside. Under reliable protection are:

1. Passwords.

2. Bank cards.

3. Personal data.

4. Sending and receiving money.

Information exchange

A distinctive feature of the resource Online Casino is the fact that the personal data of partners and users:

1. They are not rented out.

2. Do not change.

3. Not for sale.

Only general statistical information can be published, which does not affect the interests in any way:

1. Partners.

2. Customers.

3. Affiliated Members.

4. Advertisers.

Compliance with the law

The interests of children must be fully respected. Online Casino does not practice collecting data on toddlers and adolescents under 13 years of age.

If the privacy policy is updated, the community members will be notified of this fact. All participants receive e-mails to their mailboxes. Sometimes it happens that users do not open their mail on time. In such situations, the entire responsibility lies with the user.

To avoid such situations, it is recommended to regularly view mailboxes, if they are listed on the resource Online Casino

By opening an account on the portal, the user thereby agrees to the policy of the web resource Online Casino There is also a certain responsibility for the privacy policy and review and changes.

Acceptance of the terms

Using the resource Online Casino thus, by default, the customer agrees with its policy. If there is an objection or rejection of the policy, then the account is simply closed. The policy has been tested and built according to the postulates that are published on the official website

Beginners often have questions, especially with the methodology of the site. Call the hotline, write a letter, send it by e-mail.

Specialists Online Casino we are always ready to answer relevant questions, tell you in detail about the principles of work.